Sandisk launches 32GB flash hard drive


The brand Sandik taking advantage of the drop in the cost of flash memory has launched the first hard disk 32GB solid, which will be mainly used in portable systems requiring work in extreme conditions. This product launches new possibilities for the world of modding, much more profitable to modify our boxes space.

The use of solid state drives based on flash memory at the expense of traditional systems involves several advantages. These projects include increased reading speed, the absence of noise -at lack Moviles elements, lower power consumption and, above all, greater reliability in adverse environmental conditions.

These features make them the most suitable units for portable devices of all kinds. However, their prices -even elevados- and lower recording speed remain a major obstacle to its dissemination.

Specifically, the unit presented today promises to achieve a sustained read rate of 62 MB per second and a random read rate of 7,000 inputs-outputs per second for a transfer of 512 bytes, which assures SanDisk- is a hundred times more faster than most current hard drives.

Regarding reliability, solid state drive SanDisk promises a MTBF of two million hours, that is, more than 220 years. The unit also boasts consume less than half of electricity than other systems.

The new solid-state drive from SanDisk, developed by recently acquired msystems, will be officially presented in Las Vegas next January 7, during the eve of the opening of CES.


Modding + Macbook = Modbook


In this life, everything can change, and Apple was not going to run out of modding.

In this case professional and marketable level Axiotron hand. This is a modification of the Macbook 13 “, a tablet pc, fully functional.
It is a solution made from hardware changes, among other things remove the display and original keyboard and replaced with a widescreen touchscreen Wacom and keeps the other components such as the iSight camera, CD / DVD combo, processor, memory and original hard drive. To give added value and make it more attractive to the market Axiotron adds a GPS developped by GlobalSat Technologies Corporation.

If you want Apple design and modding in one, this is your tablet pc modding 🙂

Very nice and very expensive …. $2300, but beautiful, do not you think?

Complete Guide to Computer Case Painting

Successful computer case painting tips

computer case painting1. Avoid cheap paint- cheap paints do not last longer; your computer will require another case painting after a short period of time which is expensive in the long-run.

2. Wear gloves- wearing protective gloves will protect your skin from harmful paint causing skin irritation. It will also enhance better finish.

3. Ground yourself- this will protect you from damaging your computer hardware since some of activities in your computers are electrostatic discharge sensitive.

4. Perform where necessary case mod just before you begin painting

5. Apply several layers of paints to enhance effectiveness in computer case painting.

6. During the final touch, you can perform sanding and polishing to give your work a shinny finishing.

7. Perform your computer case painting on non-windy and calm days try as much as possible to avoid humid and wet weather days.

8. Remove all the dust that accumulates around the case with water or you can use air hose, before you begin your painting work.


Precautions during computer case painting

1. Paint in an open area with free air circulation.

2. During painting, when dizziness comes, stop! Make sure you shift till you get a fresh air.

3. Check to make sure that your computer is unplugged before you paint it.

4. Always remember that when you case paint your computer, you breach the agreement of warranty.


Process of computer case painting  

You need the following items:

1. Paper towels

2. Paint

3. Paint brush

4. Sanding paper

5. Screwdriver

6. Spirit or alcohol



1. Open the side of your computer case using a screwdriver and remove the hard drive and DVD ROM cables. Collect the screws and put them in a safe place.

2. Remove all the expansion cards and disconnect the power cable from motherboard

3. Remove the motherboard screws; you also need to remove the motherboard from the case.

4. Remove power supply cable of your CPU and screws located at the back and inside the case.

5. Remove any sticker available use sanding paper to get lid of any paint.

6. Wipe the case downwards using a paper towel by rubbing with an alcohol on it.

7. Wait till the alcohol dries-up and then spray the entire case evenly the recommended is between 8 to 12 Inches away.

8. Resemble your computer now.


The Best Ergonomic Mouse for Macs in 2017

Regular mouse for mac
The standard mouse for mac isn’t quite ergonomic, here are some other options.

There are many computer mice available in the market. They come in variety of shapes and sizes. You will get very small ones which are portable to the ones who are big and are extremely comfortable on hand. There are even high end mouse with no button on them especially for Mac.

Often we see regular computer users complaining of pain in their wrist and hand. Most of the times it is due to the mouse which they are using. If one is serious about health and wants to prevent computer mouse injuries like Carpal tunnel Syndrome, it is better to invest a bit more money and get an ergonomic mouse.

So what is an Ergonomic Mouse?

An ergonomic mouse is a type of mouse which has been designed to reduce discomfort and reduce muscle pain associated with arthritis and tendonitis. The main part of ergonomic mouse is the design. It is designed in a way to fit in the hand in a very natural position when being operated with.

Benefits of an Ergonomic Mouse

Natural wrist position: The mouse does not let you twist your forearms and you can easily work with your wrist. It keeps the wrist in a natural position.

Natural Grip: if a person chooses the mouse according to the shape and size of his wrist, it results in an easier and firmer grip. Hence one does not need to apply a lot of pressure in holding the mouse which results in easing the tendons of hand, elbow and wrist.

A perfect sized mouse will always be easy on your hand and provide comfort and support

The mouse reduces tension and is not slippery on the screen; hence there is a reduction in energy used.

Here is a list of the best Ergonomic Mouse (for Macs):

Apple Magic Mouse 2

If you go and buy Apple’s new iMacs, the store dealer will give you the option of the new Magic Mouse 2. The design is very sleep and comfortable in the hand. It can also make activating gestures tricky. Many people are of the opinion that the shape is not very good to be comfortable on the hand, but it is a matter of personal choice. Use it before you buy it.

Logitech G-502

The Logitech G502 is a perfect device for gamers. It has features which can be used both by media workers and gamers. This device has one of the best sensors in the market. Not only that, it is compatible with mac. Every button is customizable on the mouse with total of three separate profiles according to your usage. The price is approximately 52 dollars.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

The mouse works like an ordinary mouse only, but has the button and scroll wheel on the sides of the device, rather than on the top. This mouse made the top of the list by Safe Computing Tips for 2017.  It’s vertical alignment allows a person to rest the wrist on the desk in a natural way. The buttons are pressure sensitive so they reach to slight pressure. A bit steep on the price, but it is worth the investment for anyone who is finding the normal mouse uncomfortable or having pain using them.

Logitech MX Master

The Logitech MX Master is one of the most comfortable and fun mouse to be used. It is highly accurate, smooth and scrolls perfectly. The mouse is wireless which means no entagling of wires and also it can be operated from a distance. It can be connected through Bluetooth or the plug in device which comes along with it. It has a powerful battery which lasts for full 40 days and merely 4 minutes of charge can make it last for a day. Not only that, it has a battery indicator which warns you of low battery.

Logitech Ultrathin Bluetooth Mouse

This mouse for Mac is designed in a very classy way. It is a combination of both mouse ad a trackpad. It is slim and measures 0.7 inches at the thickest, which is the front side of the mouse. The design is quite comfortable and is made of metal, which makes it a very good match for mac. It is a close cousin of Apple’s Magic mouse. It is connected through Bluetooth and comes equipped with rechargeable batteries.

Evoluent VM4 Vertical Mouse

The evoluent mouse is a perfect device if you want to prevent further nerve damage in your hands or prevent it all together. The device will not emit the wrist pain completely, but will definitely help you ease it. The vertical design of the mouse will limit the strain. It has a trackball on the top and the click buttons on the opposite side to be used by the fingers. The design helps to avoid arm twisting. A bit pricey but a good bet which delivers value for money. It has long term health advantages.

Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

Although by Microsoft, this device can be used in mac OS X v10.2 – 10.4X as well. It is a high end product with ergonomical design, wireless connectivity and a four way scrolling, magnifying and battery saver. The mouse is packed with features like battery life indicator, customizable buttons, viewer which shows open windows etc. The design is such that it covers your palm and the hand rests on the desk instead of applying pressure on the wrist or palm

Is it wise to invest in an ergonomic mouse for Mac?

Most of the people buy a mouse just for the sake of it. They do not consider size, shape and comfort level of it. They buy it because it may be cheap, color or belong to a particular brand.

Ergonomic computer mouse come in various shapes and sizes. It is available for left hand users also. People are not informed of these kinds of mouse and also the health advantage which they have over the normal mouse. A non ergonomic mouse puts undue stress on forearms, wrist and hand. This may lead to long term health problems. Ergonomic mouse is all about keeping the hand posture in the correct way and provide maximum comfort. It is quite a wise decision to buy an ergonomic mouse or you might have to invest a lot in healthcare later on.

Boomerang Photo Booth Perfect for Photo Booths

If you’ve been planning birthday parties for as long as you can remember, chances are you’re running our of ideas. Lucky for you, there’s been the latest photo booth craze that we’re not sure if you’ve already heard of yet.

The Boomerang photo booth, is the wonderchild of Instagram where a series of 20 photos bursting with colors are stitched together to make a GIF you will commonly see on Tumblr. A GIF is so fast-paced, high-def, and colorful, that your guests will have no choice but to use them.

Not too sure if you want them? Let us answer some of your doubts and ease your mind about renting a Boomerang GIF photo booth for your next birthday party:

What’s the Difference Between Regular and Boomerang GIF Booth?

Regular photo booths typically capture 3-4 pictures, layout the photos in one photo strip, and print it on the spot. A Boomerang GIF booth takes a quick burst of photos, usually around 20, and uses a special software that quickly turns the photos into a 2-3 second looping clip.

Are There Boomerang Special Effects?

This again depends on the Boomerang GIF booth provider, but most photo booth rentals do offer Boomerang special effects. Your guests can choose from vintage, quirky, pop, black and white, and many more filter types. Of course, there will also be props available to your guests which will be supplied by the booth provider.

How Can the Final GIF from the Boomerang GIF Booth Be Shared?

This depends on the Boomerang booth providers. Typically, the final GIF can be shared with the guests via SMS or email directly from the GIF photo booth.

Once it’s on their phone, they’ll get a link to a website or Facebook page. Trom there, they can get the online version of the GIF (which will be uploaded later, usually the next day). Then your guests can share it on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Where Can I Find a Boomerang Booth Rental?

You won’t have to look far! Search for local booth rental companies. Local Boomerang booth rentals are accessible if you want to discuss the terms of the rental. They are also more likely to offer rates that match the standard rates in your area so that you won’t get overpriced. Plus, you can easily find great local Boomerang booth rental providers by word of mouth. Don’t forget to check the kinds of Boomerang special effects that they offer.

Tip: If you like the service of your Boomerang GIF booth provider, use their service again for other parties you’ll organize! Sign up for a rewards program if you plan on using them again for your next event. You can get discounts and promos offered only for loyal customers.

There’s no reason not to love these booth providers, so go and grab one to take your party to the next level. A fair warning, though: Birthday parties are fun, but birthday parties with a Boomerang photo booth will be crazy fun for all ages!

Importance of Good Cooling and AC for Overclocking

The modern improved technology has enhanced the excellent performance of home appliances and systems. This technology improves efficiency in the performance of your general computer or a PC unit. Some units are originally designed to run at specified speeds and functionality. However, this doesn’t limit you from making your system unit operate at faster speeds. This is where Overclocking comes in place. Therefore, this is where Overclocking technology enters into place. It’s the speeding of your CPU or PC to improve their performance through resetting of their clock operations to much higher and faster speed.

Just After Overclocking

Overclocking machines can cause damage if you don’t have the proper knolwedge of cooling and ventilation systems.

When Overclocking, your machine performs at higher speeds than before, and this means that a lot of heat generates. Too much heat can cause damage to your computer or PC unit. Taking the necessary steps in the cooling systems is paramount. Having the knowledge on how the AC and ventilation works will help in enhancing the best conditions for your machine cooling system. This knowledge is not always obvious, as one example illustrates:

We were working in the summer on overclocking some machines, and left the home for a few hours during midday.  What did you know that our AC system stopped working just around that time, and we came home to some seriously hot and damage computer parts.  We got on the lookout for air conditioning repair in Orlando shortly after that, vowing never to let a stupid mistake like that tank a system again.

Overclocking works by introducing a new speed or performance of your computer system. This in return propels your machine by double or triple rates. Although this is a positive step to take towards the better performance of your computer, it might be risky is you don’t have the necessary knowledge on how to install and make use of your PC system. You might end up causing damage than good to your system. Therefore, it’s advised to take a keen look at the model of your PC before applying any changes to it.

How Does Heat Damage?

General heat causes high voltage in the PC and Computerized systems. You might damage the hard disks, microchips and other computer hardware due to this great functionality installed. High temperatures will, therefore, reduce the lifespan of your computer. The cooling fans are installed in your PC to drive excess heat out of your PC system. Overclocking means high speeds are generated hence require an advanced system of cooling for reliable operations.

Incorrectly oriented fans can reduce the amount of air flowing into the computer system, or the amount of heat can exceed the computers original program of the cooling system. This call for advanced ways of making your machine balance the air coming into your PC and that air getting out. Correct installation of the fans, according to their sizes will ensure excellent cooling in your PC or other computerized system. Standard sizes for AC systems lies between 40 to 250 mm. Getting the best cooling system will, therefore, balance the heat by creating well-maintained ventilation channels.

How to Avoid it?

Having the knowledge in the installation and use of the AC systems for the home and ventilation/cooling systems for the PC will enable you to recognize and fix poor heat transfer in a system, dusted equipment that reduces the efficiency of your a system and cooling mechanisms and finally weak air flow from your computer system. With the advanced knowledge, you can be able to install the best cooling and air ventilators within the systems.

In conclusion, Overclocking generates a lot of heat, and basic cooling systems need to be installed to ensure the excellent functioning of your machine. The cooling systems can be fan generators, water coolers and heat resistors.

Top iPhone 6 Issues You Might Run Into As It Get’s Older

The original iPhone 6 was released September 2014 and is almost 3 years old with 2017 just emerging from the shadows. Apple users use their phones almost HOURLY, and it’s almost a given that some sort of hardware or software issue will arise. How you deal with these issues will determine how long your phone lasts, and ultimately how much more time and money you spend on your phone before you move on and either upgrade or even potentially switch to Android based devices. We’ve listed the most common issues below, and exactly how you’d go about resolving them.

Weak Phone Battery Life

Low Battery on an iPhone
Low batteries are the worst, especially when you just charged them up…

After a few years and way too many charge and re-charge cycles, it’s only natural that your overall battery life will suffer. Unfortunately this is something that is simply bound to happen due to the lithium-ion battery type used by Apple in the iPhone 6. You can definitely keep this problem at bay by updating your iOS when required and keeping WiFi and Bluetooth off when not in use, and also keeping your screen dimmed. If this is still not enough to get you through the day, you can definitely extend the lifespan of your cell phone by replacing the battery and the current cost by third party cell repair shops in Fort Worth is about $60.

Unresponsive Home Button

If you’ve recently realized the beloved home button on your iPhone 6 or 6S is not working, or perhaps responding intermittently we feel your pain. AppleCare covers this, however if your saving your replacements for something more crucial like a damaged LCD or broken screen, then this is also not a big problem to solve. Often times the connection between the home button assembly becomes disconnected and this is definitely frustrating. Local cell repair shops often see these problems all the time, and can get this problem fixed faster than Apple, and without the delay that comes through the Apple location and process in Fort Worth and Arlington.

Broken LCD Screens

Cracked iPhone 6
Virtually everyone knows the plight of the cracked iPhone screen…

Everyone has broken their phone screen, and if they haven’t they have that one friend that is so clumsy they keep smashing their phone. While Apple has made serious improvements in fixing their screen replacement process in Fort Worth, but it still takes more than a day to get a new replacement phone (usually two actually). Fast and friendly iPhone 6 screen replacement is now available for less than the cost of Apple and can save you tons of time and inconvenience by getting the repair done, warrantied and protected in less than 90 minutes.

While this does void your Apple warranty, if you are already looking at upgrading or simply want to solve an annoying hardware issue, your existing coverage is likely expired so local Fort Worth cell phone repair will be your best bet for convenience and cost.

How I Continued working as a Tech “Guru” after my Car Accident/Spine Injury

We all are familiar with those depressing statistics that indicates that spinal cord injury and the full-time job never go together, and when they do, it will probably take years and sometimes decades of self-acceptance. However, through experience, I have come to know that everything in life is about preparation, perseverance, and constant support from experts and people around you. Some people say that it is all about luck, but I think everyone can beat the odds! Here’s how I continued working as a tech guru after my car accident/spine injury to prove that it is possible to get back with your life, although not entirely, satisfactory.

A while ago, I was involved in one of the most distressing time of my life, when my life took an expected turn following a car accident that left me with a spinal injury and almost put me in the wheelchair for the rest of my life.  Thankfully I was able to recover (and also recovered a decent payout after taking up my lawyer on his free consultation for spine injury cases), and living with my injury has not in any way prevented me from continuing pursuing my dreams, not in the ways I could have imagined, but yes, I have been pursuing some of my dreams. It has not been easy I can admit, but with the help of a physical therapist, I have been able to discover creative ways to overcome some of the primary challenges people with spinal injuries have encountered especially in the rural setting.

Remember the Accident, but Moving On

Ergonomic desk for spin injuries.
This is a similar setup to mine that I use for my hours on the computer each day.

I often remember the day of the accident and what I could have accomplished if I never happened, but I don’t like to think about it often. I remember the car flipping several times, can still hear the sound of those broken windows. As you expect, spinal injury has a severe traumatic effect not just on your body, but also on the execution of the former daily function. Regardless I do try my best, although when it comes to some life issues, I feel like a newbie; day-to-day activities are a little extensive, sometimes not as fast as I expect. Sometimes I am exhausted, but I do go beyond people expectations, and I never quit, and I always do my best in life. It took me several months to start moving on with my life; I had to set new goals, baby ones, then within time, it became possible to set bigger ones.

How I Get By as a Tech “Guru”

Today, I work full time as a tech guru despite those dismal statistics that spinal injury and a full-time job is nearly impossible. The most important thing is to get support whether it’s from a therapist, community or any experts. Other than that, I never lose sight of what is imperative to me; I love technology, and I believe that a lot can be done to help those who have been involved in an unfortunate accident and found themselves’ in my situation or worse. Yes, they may be forced to tweak their plans, and their effort toward achieving something, but being clear about their goals is more than important; staying with the larger vision is the key to success under any circumstance. With or without attendant it is possible to achieve and be a better performer like anybody else.

A Common Story – Aging Parents and Reverse Mortgages

As a grown man (I’m 42 in February), I’m not looking forward to retirement anytime soon.  However I’m in the stage in life that I need to start being concerned about my parents taking care of themselves in their elder years.  I’ve seen all the commercials for “reverse mortgages”, and while it may be a good option for those parents that don’t have sufficient retirement savings, it’s also complicated.  So in this article I’m taking you through some of the research I’ve conducted when my own parents decided to take on a reverse mortgage for themselves.

Hope this helps some of our readers that are in similar situations!

What is it exactly?

A reverse mortgage is a type of loan taken by seniors against their home equity and will be paid back once the last borrower passes away or move from the home for more than one year. In most the cases, the loan will not be paid back in increments but instead, the home will be liquidated, and the lender is paid back in full with interest.

There are various types of Reverse Mortgages for People with Aging Parents, but only a single one type is insured by the United States Federal Government and is available to the elderly through various lenders approved by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

What you need to understand about Reverse Mortgages for People with Aging Parents

As a “younger” generation of 40-somethings, we are now starting to deal with aging parents. Here’s some help from what we’ve recently went through…

Borrowers can only borrow amount less than the value of their homes and lenders are not allowed to force homeowners to out of their home. For seniors who don’t have enough saving or income to pay for their personal care, a reverse mortgage can be the best option. However, some family may be having some unique issues that make reverse mortgage unsuitable for them.

Elderly with Fair Health

Reverse mortgages are the best options for seniors who do not need immediate care. Most senior who are living independently in the home can purchase long term care insurance and make some modification to their homes to allow accessibility.

Single seniors in Need of Care

If an elderly is single and want to stay at home, a reverse mortgage can be a viable option to pay for in-home care or adult day care. However, if the care cannot be provided at home and the elderly must move to a nursing home for more than one year, then a reverse mortgage may not be the right option. This is because the law states that the home will be sold if the owner lives outside the home for over 12 months.

Couple seniors living in a Fair Health

If one of the seniors living as a couple requires immediate care and at least one of them will be living in their home, a reverse mortgage can be a good option for their case. In such situations, the couple may purchase insurance using the reverse mortgage or make their home more accessible in anticipation for future disability. However, some individual is concern that if they continue borrowing against their home value for many years, their loan may exceed their home value. However, the government assumes the risk, and homeowners will never owe more than the value of their home.

Married seniors with Both Spouses in need for healthcare

If both spouses are in need for health care, reverse mortgages cannot be the best option since it is likely that both seniors may move to a nursing home shortly. Reverse mortgages will be liquidated to settle the loan if the last spouse passes away or move from the home. Therefore, if both spouses move to a nursing home for more than one year, the home is likely to be sold. In such a case, renting or selling the home can be the best option. However, if the reverse mortgage can be used to pay for in-home care that allows the seniors to continue living at home, then a reverse mortgage can make the best option.


Pharma Companies taking the fight online with E-commerce

A rapidly developing E-commerce industry in India has not only successfully tapped into the lifestyle and pattern of needs of their targeted buyers but have also managed to connect various other industries and retail chains with itself. The apparel and accessories, cosmetic, electronic and food chains are not being followed by the pharmaceutical industry too. E-commerce markets are no longer limited to lifestyle products but have begun including FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) products and essentials like medicines too.

What are the advantages of E-pharmaceuticals?

The online platform has significantly reduced the time required to market a new product. Especially in the case of drugs and medicines, where these Pharmaceuticals would have to rely on retail stores, doctors and salesmen for their promotion, the advent of an E-commerce platform has completely changed the game. Each medicine or drug is now available with all details, users can not only research their preferred medications, but also purchase them right away from the comfort of their keyboard.  This author research and found out how to purchase peptides online within a matter of minutes. A new drug will have an established platform for marketing and promotions. This process makes the medicines very visible to the buyer. A buyer who is aware of the basic composition of a prescribed drug, will now be able to compare the rates of the same medicine being marketed by different pharmaceutical industries. E-pharmaceutical industries also make it possible for people to have access to medicines are all times of the day. Where in contraposition, a retail medical store would have been shut after a particular time. E-pharmas also provide extensive reductions in price and frequent discounts.

E-Commerce is now affecting almost all industries, even pharmaceuticals.

How big are these E-Pharma industries?

According to the IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation), the Indian Pharmaceutical market has expanded by 17.46% in the last decade (2005-2016). In monetary value, it has grown to become an industry worth US$ 36.7 billion, where the online sector is alone worth around US$ 18 billion. Currently India has about 50 E-Pharma startups.

Are there disadvantages?

While e-pharmas may seem to have tremendous advantages, there are some loopholes and drawbacks. For instance, there isn’t a very well-articulated legal framework for electronic pharmaceuticals. Consequentially, this also means that there is a lot of illegal activity that ranges from the unregistered E-pharmas to selling unauthorized and banned drugs. This also includes networks through which illegal drugs are shipped cross-border without any valid prescription. Adjoining to this, the site being the seller; there appears to be no way of assessing if and whether the pharmacist happens to be a certified one or not.

The only existing law for the pharmaceutical industry happens to be Drugs and Cosmetics Act that was introduced in 1940. Ostensibly this law doesn’t include the electronic or internet section to it as it was framed much before the advent of internet. The only basic E-commerce regulating law that exists is the IT Act or the Information Technology Act of 2000 which falls under the Cyber Law section of India. The IPA or the Indian Pharmacy association, which is a panel board of the main players in the pharmaceutical industry, have managed to put forth the problems and loopholes existing in the system. While there might be a burgeoning number of these E-pharmas, it doesn’t mean that the process is any easier. These industries continue to face legal harassment because of a stringent set of rules that are either outdated or do not have a clear framework to abide by.

Are Light Up Shoes Back in Style? And for Adults??

The people who were young in the 1990s may not have been prone to smartphones or other tech savvy gadgets for their use, nevertheless, they had their own set of cool stuff. The 90s had seen many new things that was then in fashion and was immensely popular among children and teenagers. One such popular accessory was a pair of light up shoes. Children were extremely fond of the shoes. The light up shoes mostly came with sneakers. It was quite a trend among teenagers to flaunt their new pair of light up shoes that had red or blue light fixed under the sole of the shoes.

A few recent celebrity appearances – 

Light up shoes aren’t just for kids in the 90’s anymore.

Recently, there has been a trend where all the products used in the late 80s and 1990s are coming back into fashion. Starting from Calvin Klein briefs to proliferations in clothes worn by rappers, all that was once a rage are coming back in the fashion market. Similarly, we are experiencing a trend where people are getting back to wearing shoes that have light attached to them. At the recent Milan Fashion Week, there was a display of models wearing light up shoes. Also, on a recent tour, Justin Bieber was seen flaunting a pair of light up shoes. These events are proofs that the trend of sporting light up shoes are back in fashion.

Now, a very important point here is that, earlier only kids and teenagers were seen sporting shoes with lights affixed on them. But with the latest trend, it is not just with the kids, but even adults are sporting the light up shoes. It is no longer limited to sneakers and sports shoes; light up shoes now come in all kinds of shoes, for women, with or without heels. Few months back, we have seen the ever so stylish Victoria Beckham sporting one such pair of light up shoes. Her classy blue LED shoes are a definite hit. Ellie Goulding was seen wearing a pair of light up shoes for her concert performance. Alex Song, a player in the Barcelona team also flaunted a pair of LED trainers recently. All these appearances are proof enough that the light up shoes are back in style; and not just among the minors but also among the grown-ups including the top names in fashion and sports.

The near future –

It will not be completely true to say that the adult light up shoes are the most popular style accessory today. However, the day is not far when it will be immensely popular among the common people. With the increasing trend of sporting light up shoes among children and adults, the day is not very far when every household will have a couple of pairs of light up shoes. Already the rechargeable light up shoes for adults are made available all over the commercial market and online shopping websites. In short, it could be said that the 90s nerdy light up shoes are once again in style and will do even greater business in the coming days.

Brexits Affect on Small and Medium Sized Tech Businesses

One of the most shocking moments on the geopolitical arena in 2016 was the decision of the UK to leave the European Union. As a completely unexpected event that stunned the world, the voters in the England, Wales, Scotland and the Northern Ireland decided to take their country out of the EU. For practically all analysts and experts, the result came as a shock, but more worryingly, the same reaction was provided by the political establishment on both sides of the English Channel. In the immediate aftermath, there was no indication what would happen next, especially when it comes to the economic and financial repercussion of the decision.

Several months later, Theresa May, the new PM of the country, declared that the UK will trigger the article 50 of the European charter which begins a two-year separation between a country and the EU before the summer of 2017. Now, when it is clear that the UK will leave the EU well before 2020, many are wondering what will be the repercussions, especially when it comes to those who work in the tech and IT fields. Because of that problem, here is an analysis of the repercussion and Brexits affect on small and medium sized tech businesses operating in the country.


Loss of EU Funds

A range of funds of the EU which are now accessible to entrepreneurs and businesspersons of the EU will dry up with the separation of the two entities. This would be a big problem for all tech startups and small emerging companies which desire to somehow lessen the burden of starting a new business. The same would also apply for subsidies and any other forms of financial support coming from the EU funds. It is certain that the UK will not be able to replenish all of these in a fast manner, which places these current and future businesses in a tight spot if they received any EU financial support. Some might alleviate this problem by moving to the EU country, but not all of the startups can or could do this.

Potential Travel and Work Permit Issues

As pointed out in this article where WebCreationUK reviews the effect of Brexit on small businesses, the issue of immigration was one of the biggest in the Brexit referendum. But, once the UK leaves the EU, the ability to easily acquire work visas and other permits for EU citizens in the country will stop. The same will also mean that the British expats have to do a lot more to start working in the EU nations. All of this will provide a strain on the exchange of skilled labor, which is one of the most important factors in running a small and medium IT or tech business. Without the possibility of easy introduction new employees into their systems, UK companies will probably get into a position of being under-staffed with senior and specialist workers.

Access to a Single Market

Like with the movement of people, the movement of goods during any type of trading will also be different. When the UK leaves the EU it will also leave its single market. While many British politicians want to keep this agreement even after Brexit, it appears the EU leaders are adamantly against this. For tech companies, this means that they will need to work additionally on making sure their projects adhere to the EU regulation. Additionally, those companies which fail to do this will lose access to an incredibly important market, so everyone will have to invest money and time in making sure this does not happen.

For the current perspective, UK tech companies, especially medium or small ones, have very little to gain through Brexit, but plenty of things to lose if the divorce process ends with an isolated UK that could struggle to access the EU market in any meaningful business sense.

Cloud Computing for Internet Marketing – The Future is Now

The connection between doing business and the constantly increasing tempo of technological advancement, especially those coming from the IT domain, is always a precarious one. From one perspective, history has clearly shown time and time again that utilizing new tech in a business environment can bring about huge advantages. At the same time, there are also examples where a tech that was introduced in an inadequate manner to a company produced more damage than anything else. However, for almost any business, regardless of what field does it occupy, one of its everyday activities has to be exceedingly closely related to any relevant new technologies. This activity is the marketing process of a business organization and the ways it employs new tech to stimulate growth and expansion. In the contemporary setting, one of the most important IT advancements made is the process of cloud computing.

cloud-marketingBy moving data away from local servers and hard drives and placing it on the cloud, or the interconnected, constantly online data storage, the world of business became a lot more mobile, accessible and effective. The same innovation did not pass over the domain of marketing, even though many, including experts, fail to realize how it can boost any effort by a marketing department. Basically, a marketing cloud includes an integration of data management, advertising tools, and social platforms. To explore this idea in more detail, here are the key facts about the rise of the cloud and using cloud software for internet marketing.

Data-Driven Decisions

Often, decisions are made using available data, but also ideas and notions from individuals included in that process. “A marketing department or agency that uses the process of data-driven decision-making is something that became possible thanks to the cloud infrastructure, and this is something that is becoming more commonplace”, according to Mike Chrest, who runs a Calgary online marketing company. Here, any relevant metric is gathered from a range of sources relevant to the company and sent to the cloud. There, it can be analyzed practically in real time and provided to the decision-makers. As a tool for streamlining an active promotional campaign, this is something which the previous generation of marketers could only dream about. Now, it is easily accessible with some cloud infrastructure and connecting the advertisement platforms with it.

Finding Social Opportunities

The cloud marketing approach can be used to recognize new and exciting opportunities for promotion and data-mining in the social spheres. By automatically listening to millions of online exchanges of ideas, cloud platforms can locate potential keywords, emerging trends and other things that will be a great addition to the company’s communication efforts. This process can hardly be done by humans, but cloud-powered tools easily spot important changes in the social domain.

Easy Content Creation

Instead of relying on a centralized system for producing marketing content in any shape and form, the cloud marketing process can offer an easier solution. With cloud-based tools that cover anything from sound design to verbal improvement solutions, it can offer the support for content creators in the marketing department. These will be able to do their work from any location, collaborating with others as much or as little as they need. For creative individuals who are employed to provide content to a company, this liberty and flexibility alone will be able to motivate them to do a great job.

Thanks to all of these advantages, there is no doubt that any company that wants to prosper has to start using the advantages of cloud-based marketing platforms and solutions.

The Rise of the Cloud for Bookkeeping and Accounting Software

"The cloud" seems to be all that people talk about nowadays, its even reached into the small business bookkeeping sector.
“The cloud” seems to be all that people talk about nowadays, its even reached into the small business bookkeeping sector.

The rise of more powerful and ground-breaking cloud accounting and bookkeeping services is changing the way both the accountants and the customers they serve manage the finances of the business.

The growth of cloud-accounting technology has improved the ability for the accountants to interact and even work more closely with their customers. Cloud software provides small businesses and their accountants or managers full access anytime, anywhere and on any device. All that’s needed is an internet connection!

And with the several “add-on” software solutions (such as POS systems) which can bolt onto an accounting software (e.g. Xero), a business can attain significant efficiencies. Also, they can realize significant savings on their IT software and hardware expenses.

The Ubiquitous Internet

Internet coverage has significantly increased recently with their millions subscribers, spread throughout the world. Businesses that are already established and some other small businesses are really embracing the use of online services and websites to assist them in the daily operation and management of their businesses. Applications have been designed by the developers concentrating on how to help companies run their businesses better with the guarantee of expansion and success.

One incredible application which has been created with the aim of helping in the management of the businesses is cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping. This application is geared towards helping you to manage better the finances of your company.

Cloud marketing has also transformed the way e-commerce is carried out across the world. This has been due to wider internet coverage which is reaching and transforming nearly all aspects of our lives.

Cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping, such as bookkeeper crows nest, are gaining popularity by established business and small businesses alike throughout the world. This application focuses on macro and micro businesses.

The current accounting and bookkeeping companies are incorporating a blend of the cloud-based services with the standard bookkeeping services and also administrative functions and services to evolve into more of a strong service provider. Especially in bigger Canadian cities like Toronto or Vancouver, you will see these kinds of hybrid financial service providers available.

New emerging companies or established companies are entrusting the financial departments of their companies to cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping. This has significantly increased because of the following reasons-

1. Help organize your files

If you’re enlisted to a cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping services, they’ll allow you to have your financial reports and files organized in an appropriate way, making it easier to manage your finances, improve on accountability and credibility.

2. Easy, quicker access

Cloud bookkeeping and accounting enables you to access this service from anyplace; any time you wish to as long as you’ve internet access. This has enabled many businesses to manage their finances better due to the easy access.

3. Saves on time

A Huge amount of time is spent by business owners organizing their financial departments, going through massive paperwork and files with complex financial reports. Cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping assist you to attain this in no time.

4. Helps you save

Cloud accounting is saving many businesses the headache of investing heavily in costly business accounting software and handling unreliable employees. This will save you on a high amount of cash.

5. Track your finances

Businesses are finding it difficult to keep in touch with their creditors and debtors, keep track of their financial data and reports and check their invoices and some other books of accounts. With cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping, you’ll be able to access your financial reports manage your time, and avoid several of other financial obstacles.

6. It’s safer

Businesses are realizing that cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping is a safer way of storing the financial data of their company. However, it is essential to entail the use of the service provider whose major focus is on the security of your data.

Cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping have advanced features which enable Companies keep tabs on their staff and also pay them. It also has customized features, allowing you make your day-to-day entries to your files and have them tied properly in an excellent package and make your bookkeeping smart, quicker and easier.

Cloud-based bookkeeping, administrative support services, and accounting is the smart, easier, efficient, and better way of managing the finances of your company.


Call Tracking, VOIP and the End of Landline

Although VOIP has many great qualities, most people focus on their call flexibility and reduced costs. Businesses that use VOIP enjoy a reduction of over 30% in call cost besides other features that they couldn’t get from traditional phones. In addition, there are several other features and options that really make VOIP an attractive offer for businesses especially for those who want access logging, call routing and dialing features.

VIOP and the End of Landline

Currently one of the biggest advantages of VOIP is the cost. As compared to POTS, most domestic calls are free or less expensive. Although international calls are also not costly, in some instances they are also free. A VOIP phone number or a virtual number is not connected to any landline network even though it appears to be connected. This means if you are from another country you could easily make calls at your local rates instead of the higher international rates that apply to those who use landlines. This is because your number appears at the local range even though it’s not.

Also, these phones are versatile and flexible such that the numbers can be assigned to ring in any device such as a home phone, landline phone, or even cell phone. You can also give multiple phones to ring on a single phone. In fact, getting a VOIP is almost a hassle free making it one of the best phones. As long as you have a computer and internet connection there are many providers who are always readily available. You only need to download the software and within a short time you can start calling without any problems

New advancements in telephony technology has made call tracking easier and more effective for business marketing solutions.
New advancements in telephony technology has made call tracking easier and more effective for business marketing solutions.

Call Tracking and Lead Generation for Business

VOIP has opened up a whole sector of new business called Call Tracking.  For businesses that are looking to generate leads or monitor the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, call tracking can provide analytical data as well as versatility with your inbound lead generation efforts.  Software companies such as Boberdoo have been coming out with a specialized lead distribution and call tracking solution that takes advantage of these new advancements of technology.

VOIP as a tracking system

This is basically one of the most interesting features about VOIP. The tracking system is sometimes called track me, follow me, find me, or advanced forwarding. This means it allows you to move with the number wherever you go to. Whether it’s a convention center, office or a home phone, you can always move with the number. Due to this feature, you can always track where your employees are at any given time. It outlines the rules to locations where the handset should not ring.

The VOIP software actually comes with great tracking features especially for businesses who want to analyze a particular marketing campaign. This means it’s the most convenient way to do this without involving a third party. Configuring, adding or removing phone numbers does not cost a lot or pose any problem when it comes to these phones. In fact, after the business campaign you may stop using the number.

To make calls using VOIP you need to have

· Software from the provider.

· A high speed broadband internet connection, cable satellite or anything as long as it’s not a dial up.

· A modem.

· An adaptor for a regular phone or a computer having a microphone.

In most instances, VOIP calls, whether made by VOIP number or regular phone can be received through the computer or directed to a regular phone. Although there are some set VOIP numbers for consumers most of the numbers are usually meant for businesses


Ati Quad Crossfire

Shapire has prepared these targetas with internal Crossfire (2 GPU’s) that would come to fight in the market with nVidia 7950 GX2.


Little or nothing is known of them yet, just take heatpipes sink and a fan, and also need 2 doses of energy to operate. In the second image you can see the entrance being passed 3DMark, but we do not know the results yet.  This one helped me find where to buy last minute broadway tickets real quick. We do not know if you can connect with another dual Blast, although Crossfire theory tells us that if this technology is scalable to 128 chips Raedon.


The expected Apple iPhone

All rumors pointed that the MacWorld 2007 would be presented the iPhone, and it has.

I stopped explanations, and move on to the photos and characteristics



Display: 3.5 “Multitouch
Resolution 320 × 430
Operating System: Mac OS X
Capacity: 4 or 8Gb
GSM: Quadband
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11b / g) + EDGE + Bluetooth 2.0
Camera: 2.0 Mpx
Battery: 5hrs talk time / 16 playback
Dimensions: 115 x 61 x 11.6mm
Weighs 135 gr

Control for Windows Vista Media Center

 Strong hold for Windows Vista MC with color screen and everything.


Its characteristics are impressive: it connects via Bluetooth or IRDA to 100m, LCD QVGA 2.5 “able to see information PC although this off thanks to the SideShow technology, and can handle all the system inoperable by. It also has a keypad that slides under the command of the purest style mobile phone.

The price? You do not think that’s cheap, it is said that from $ 199 and goes on sale in April.