The Best Ergonomic Mouse for Macs in 2017

Regular mouse for mac
The standard mouse for mac isn’t quite ergonomic, here are some other options.

There are many computer mice available in the market. They come in variety of shapes and sizes. You will get very small ones which are portable to the ones who are big and are extremely comfortable on hand. There are even high end mouse with no button on them especially for Mac.

Often we see regular computer users complaining of pain in their wrist and hand. Most of the times it is due to the mouse which they are using. If one is serious about health and wants to prevent computer mouse injuries like Carpal tunnel Syndrome, it is better to invest a bit more money and get an ergonomic mouse.

So what is an Ergonomic Mouse?

An ergonomic mouse is a type of mouse which has been designed to reduce discomfort and reduce muscle pain associated with arthritis and tendonitis. The main part of ergonomic mouse is the design. It is designed in a way to fit in the hand in a very natural position when being operated with.

Benefits of an Ergonomic Mouse

Natural wrist position: The mouse does not let you twist your forearms and you can easily work with your wrist. It keeps the wrist in a natural position.

Natural Grip: if a person chooses the mouse according to the shape and size of his wrist, it results in an easier and firmer grip. Hence one does not need to apply a lot of pressure in holding the mouse which results in easing the tendons of hand, elbow and wrist.

A perfect sized mouse will always be easy on your hand and provide comfort and support

The mouse reduces tension and is not slippery on the screen; hence there is a reduction in energy used.

Here is a list of the best Ergonomic Mouse (for Macs):

Apple Magic Mouse 2

If you go and buy Apple’s new iMacs, the store dealer will give you the option of the new Magic Mouse 2. The design is very sleep and comfortable in the hand. It can also make activating gestures tricky. Many people are of the opinion that the shape is not very good to be comfortable on the hand, but it is a matter of personal choice. Use it before you buy it.

Logitech G-502

The Logitech G502 is a perfect device for gamers. It has features which can be used both by media workers and gamers. This device has one of the best sensors in the market. Not only that, it is compatible with mac. Every button is customizable on the mouse with total of three separate profiles according to your usage. The price is approximately 52 dollars.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

The mouse works like an ordinary mouse only, but has the button and scroll wheel on the sides of the device, rather than on the top. This mouse made the top of the list by Safe Computing Tips for 2017.  It’s vertical alignment allows a person to rest the wrist on the desk in a natural way. The buttons are pressure sensitive so they reach to slight pressure. A bit steep on the price, but it is worth the investment for anyone who is finding the normal mouse uncomfortable or having pain using them.

Logitech MX Master

The Logitech MX Master is one of the most comfortable and fun mouse to be used. It is highly accurate, smooth and scrolls perfectly. The mouse is wireless which means no entagling of wires and also it can be operated from a distance. It can be connected through Bluetooth or the plug in device which comes along with it. It has a powerful battery which lasts for full 40 days and merely 4 minutes of charge can make it last for a day. Not only that, it has a battery indicator which warns you of low battery.

Logitech Ultrathin Bluetooth Mouse

This mouse for Mac is designed in a very classy way. It is a combination of both mouse ad a trackpad. It is slim and measures 0.7 inches at the thickest, which is the front side of the mouse. The design is quite comfortable and is made of metal, which makes it a very good match for mac. It is a close cousin of Apple’s Magic mouse. It is connected through Bluetooth and comes equipped with rechargeable batteries.

Evoluent VM4 Vertical Mouse

The evoluent mouse is a perfect device if you want to prevent further nerve damage in your hands or prevent it all together. The device will not emit the wrist pain completely, but will definitely help you ease it. The vertical design of the mouse will limit the strain. It has a trackball on the top and the click buttons on the opposite side to be used by the fingers. The design helps to avoid arm twisting. A bit pricey but a good bet which delivers value for money. It has long term health advantages.

Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

Although by Microsoft, this device can be used in mac OS X v10.2 – 10.4X as well. It is a high end product with ergonomical design, wireless connectivity and a four way scrolling, magnifying and battery saver. The mouse is packed with features like battery life indicator, customizable buttons, viewer which shows open windows etc. The design is such that it covers your palm and the hand rests on the desk instead of applying pressure on the wrist or palm

Is it wise to invest in an ergonomic mouse for Mac?

Most of the people buy a mouse just for the sake of it. They do not consider size, shape and comfort level of it. They buy it because it may be cheap, color or belong to a particular brand.

Ergonomic computer mouse come in various shapes and sizes. It is available for left hand users also. People are not informed of these kinds of mouse and also the health advantage which they have over the normal mouse. A non ergonomic mouse puts undue stress on forearms, wrist and hand. This may lead to long term health problems. Ergonomic mouse is all about keeping the hand posture in the correct way and provide maximum comfort. It is quite a wise decision to buy an ergonomic mouse or you might have to invest a lot in healthcare later on.