Complete Guide to Computer Case Painting

Successful computer case painting tips

computer case painting1. Avoid cheap paint- cheap paints do not last longer; your computer will require another case painting after a short period of time which is expensive in the long-run.

2. Wear gloves- wearing protective gloves will protect your skin from harmful paint causing skin irritation. It will also enhance better finish.

3. Ground yourself- this will protect you from damaging your computer hardware since some of activities in your computers are electrostatic discharge sensitive.

4. Perform where necessary case mod just before you begin painting

5. Apply several layers of paints to enhance effectiveness in computer case painting.

6. During the final touch, you can perform sanding and polishing to give your work a shinny finishing.

7. Perform your computer case painting on non-windy and calm days try as much as possible to avoid humid and wet weather days.

8. Remove all the dust that accumulates around the case with water or you can use air hose, before you begin your painting work.


Precautions during computer case painting

1. Paint in an open area with free air circulation.

2. During painting, when dizziness comes, stop! Make sure you shift till you get a fresh air.

3. Check to make sure that your computer is unplugged before you paint it.

4. Always remember that when you case paint your computer, you breach the agreement of warranty.


Process of computer case painting  

You need the following items:

1. Paper towels

2. Paint

3. Paint brush

4. Sanding paper

5. Screwdriver

6. Spirit or alcohol



1. Open the side of your computer case using a screwdriver and remove the hard drive and DVD ROM cables. Collect the screws and put them in a safe place.

2. Remove all the expansion cards and disconnect the power cable from motherboard

3. Remove the motherboard screws; you also need to remove the motherboard from the case.

4. Remove power supply cable of your CPU and screws located at the back and inside the case.

5. Remove any sticker available use sanding paper to get lid of any paint.

6. Wipe the case downwards using a paper towel by rubbing with an alcohol on it.

7. Wait till the alcohol dries-up and then spray the entire case evenly the recommended is between 8 to 12 Inches away.

8. Resemble your computer now.