Are Light Up Shoes Back in Style? And for Adults??

The people who were young in the 1990s may not have been prone to smartphones or other tech savvy gadgets for their use, nevertheless, they had their own set of cool stuff. The 90s had seen many new things that was then in fashion and was immensely popular among children and teenagers. One such popular accessory was a pair of light up shoes. Children were extremely fond of the shoes. The light up shoes mostly came with sneakers. It was quite a trend among teenagers to flaunt their new pair of light up shoes that had red or blue light fixed under the sole of the shoes.

A few recent celebrity appearances – 

Light up shoes aren’t just for kids in the 90’s anymore.

Recently, there has been a trend where all the products used in the late 80s and 1990s are coming back into fashion. Starting from Calvin Klein briefs to proliferations in clothes worn by rappers, all that was once a rage are coming back in the fashion market. Similarly, we are experiencing a trend where people are getting back to wearing shoes that have light attached to them. At the recent Milan Fashion Week, there was a display of models wearing light up shoes. Also, on a recent tour, Justin Bieber was seen flaunting a pair of light up shoes. These events are proofs that the trend of sporting light up shoes are back in fashion.

Now, a very important point here is that, earlier only kids and teenagers were seen sporting shoes with lights affixed on them. But with the latest trend, it is not just with the kids, but even adults are sporting the light up shoes. It is no longer limited to sneakers and sports shoes; light up shoes now come in all kinds of shoes, for women, with or without heels. Few months back, we have seen the ever so stylish Victoria Beckham sporting one such pair of light up shoes. Her classy blue LED shoes are a definite hit. Ellie Goulding was seen wearing a pair of light up shoes for her concert performance. Alex Song, a player in the Barcelona team also flaunted a pair of LED trainers recently. All these appearances are proof enough that the light up shoes are back in style; and not just among the minors but also among the grown-ups including the top names in fashion and sports.

The near future –

It will not be completely true to say that the adult light up shoes are the most popular style accessory today. However, the day is not far when it will be immensely popular among the common people. With the increasing trend of sporting light up shoes among children and adults, the day is not very far when every household will have a couple of pairs of light up shoes. Already the rechargeable light up shoes for adults are made available all over the commercial market and online shopping websites. In short, it could be said that the 90s nerdy light up shoes are once again in style and will do even greater business in the coming days.