Why You Should Jump at the Chance of Buying the Best Airbrush Makeup Machine

Why You Should Jump at the Chance of Buying the Best Airbrush Makeup Machine

Do you plan to open a spa soon? If the answer is yes, then you may need to think about the kid of makeup services you should be providing. Many spa owners prefer traditional makeup. Lately, though, there has been a bias towards airbrush makeup. Anybody who intends to apply the latter should also consider investing in the best airbrush makeup machine. Different brands are on the market. Do a bit of analysis to identify the best of the lot. The benefits you derive from this will be immense for your line of work.
The machine ensures that you stay on top of the game at all times.

Below are some of the benefits your business – and you the owner – will get from the machine.

More Income

All business owners want to earn more money. Finding ways of doing this can be quite difficult. Many spa owners fear to lose their clients. It takes a lot of work to get a client to your spa. The machine allows you to apply makeup on your client and charges around $60 for each application. Spas that rely on traditional makeup normally charge around $40 for each application. Therefore, get the best machine, take good care of it, and see what it does to your bottom line.

Expensive in the Short-Term, Cost-Effective in the Long-Term

Most spa owners feel discouraged at the high cost of obtaining a brand new airbrush makeup machine. Granted, it costs a good sum of money to acquire one. If you focus on the short-term costs alone, you may not feel ready to buy the machine. However, the long-term benefits cancel the short-term costs. Eventually, the airbrush makeup machine makes enough money to pay for itself. In around 4-5 applications, customers will have paid you enough money to compensate whatever you spent acquiring the machine in the first place.

Time Saver

The machine is a time-saver too. Initially, may take you time learning to use it. You may take longer applying makeup on your clients using this machine. With time, however, you will spend roughly 20-30 minutes applying makeup on your clients. The time you take compares favorably with traditional makeup where you would ordinarily spend 40 minutes or 1 hour applying it to each client. What this means is you can apply airbrush makeup on two clients at the same time a person using traditional makeup would have served a single client.

Improved Hygienic Standards

Lastly, the best airbrush makeup machine helps you to maintain excellent hygienic standards in your spa. Conventional makeup application is renowned for bacteria transmission, which isn’t a good thing. Bacteria invade the wands, sponges, and brushes used in conventional makeup and the problem becomes worse if these tools are not cleaned or disinfected regularly. There is no way airbrush makeup ever comes into contact with the face. Therefore, the likelihood the machine will spread dead skin cells, bacteria or dirt to the face is non-existent.

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Top iPhone 6 Issues You Might Run Into As It Get’s Older

The original iPhone 6 was released September 2014 and is almost 3 years old with 2017 just emerging from the shadows. Apple users use their phones almost HOURLY, and it’s almost a given that some sort of hardware or software issue will arise. How you deal with these issues will determine how long your phone lasts, and ultimately how much more time and money you spend on your phone before you move on and either upgrade or even potentially switch to Android based devices. We’ve listed the most common issues below, and exactly how you’d go about resolving them.

Weak Phone Battery Life

Low Battery on an iPhone
Low batteries are the worst, especially when you just charged them up…

After a few years and way too many charge and re-charge cycles, it’s only natural that your overall battery life will suffer. Unfortunately this is something that is simply bound to happen due to the lithium-ion battery type used by Apple in the iPhone 6. You can definitely keep this problem at bay by updating your iOS when required and keeping WiFi and Bluetooth off when not in use, and also keeping your screen dimmed. If this is still not enough to get you through the day, you can definitely extend the lifespan of your cell phone by replacing the battery and the current cost by third party cell repair shops in Fort Worth is about $60.

Unresponsive Home Button

If you’ve recently realized the beloved home button on your iPhone 6 or 6S is not working, or perhaps responding intermittently we feel your pain. AppleCare covers this, however if your saving your replacements for something more crucial like a damaged LCD or broken screen, then this is also not a big problem to solve. Often times the connection between the home button assembly becomes disconnected and this is definitely frustrating. Local cell repair shops often see these problems all the time, and can get this problem fixed faster than Apple, and without the delay that comes through the Apple location and process in Fort Worth and Arlington.

Broken LCD Screens

Cracked iPhone 6
Virtually everyone knows the plight of the cracked iPhone screen…

Everyone has broken their phone screen, and if they haven’t they have that one friend that is so clumsy they keep smashing their phone. While Apple has made serious improvements in fixing their screen replacement process in Fort Worth, but it still takes more than a day to get a new replacement phone (usually two actually). Fast and friendly iPhone 6 screen replacement is now available for less than the cost of Apple and can save you tons of time and inconvenience by getting the repair done, warrantied and protected in less than 90 minutes.

While this does void your Apple warranty, if you are already looking at upgrading or simply want to solve an annoying hardware issue, your existing coverage is likely expired so local Fort Worth cell phone repair will be your best bet for convenience and cost.