We are always looking for intrepid computer geeks who would like to contribute content to  If you like what you read and would like to take part in one of your own case studies, product reviews or hardware news story, feel free to forward it to us via email at

Before you do so, however, please be aware of the following:

No Sponsored Posts – We do not participate in “payola”, or paid product placement.  Any product reviews must be by an objective 3rd party and only contain objective information related to the product.  We do participate in affiliate commissions based on product sales, but the post itself must be objective and no tainted by interested parties (i.e. the product manufacturer).

Please Document with Pictures – If you are performing a case study for overclocking or liquid cooling, please take the time to include pictures and multimedia.  We’ve found our audience much prefers picture-rich content.

Relevant Links are OK, but No Spam – Please do not include irrelevant links to external websites (i.e. spam) within the content.  We do, however,encourage linking to relevant content, as it makes the article better and more informative.

That’s it!

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