The Rise of the Cloud for Bookkeeping and Accounting Software

"The cloud" seems to be all that people talk about nowadays, its even reached into the small business bookkeeping sector.
“The cloud” seems to be all that people talk about nowadays, its even reached into the small business bookkeeping sector.

The rise of more powerful and ground-breaking cloud accounting and bookkeeping services is changing the way both the accountants and the customers they serve manage the finances of the business.

The growth of cloud-accounting technology has improved the ability for the accountants to interact and even work more closely with their customers. Cloud software provides small businesses and their accountants or managers full access anytime, anywhere and on any device. All that’s needed is an internet connection!

And with the several “add-on” software solutions (such as POS systems) which can bolt onto an accounting software (e.g. Xero), a business can attain significant efficiencies. Also, they can realize significant savings on their IT software and hardware expenses.

The Ubiquitous Internet

Internet coverage has significantly increased recently with their millions subscribers, spread throughout the world. Businesses that are already established and some other small businesses are really embracing the use of online services and websites to assist them in the daily operation and management of their businesses. Applications have been designed by the developers concentrating on how to help companies run their businesses better with the guarantee of expansion and success.

One incredible application which has been created with the aim of helping in the management of the businesses is cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping. This application is geared towards helping you to manage better the finances of your company.

Cloud marketing has also transformed the way e-commerce is carried out across the world. This has been due to wider internet coverage which is reaching and transforming nearly all aspects of our lives.

Cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping, such as bookkeeper crows nest, are gaining popularity by established business and small businesses alike throughout the world. This application focuses on macro and micro businesses.

The current accounting and bookkeeping companies are incorporating a blend of the cloud-based services with the standard bookkeeping services and also administrative functions and services to evolve into more of a strong service provider. Especially in bigger Canadian cities like Toronto or Vancouver, you will see these kinds of hybrid financial service providers available.

New emerging companies or established companies are entrusting the financial departments of their companies to cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping. This has significantly increased because of the following reasons-

1. Help organize your files

If you’re enlisted to a cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping services, they’ll allow you to have your financial reports and files organized in an appropriate way, making it easier to manage your finances, improve on accountability and credibility.

2. Easy, quicker access

Cloud bookkeeping and accounting enables you to access this service from anyplace; any time you wish to as long as you’ve internet access. This has enabled many businesses to manage their finances better due to the easy access.

3. Saves on time

A Huge amount of time is spent by business owners organizing their financial departments, going through massive paperwork and files with complex financial reports. Cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping assist you to attain this in no time.

4. Helps you save

Cloud accounting is saving many businesses the headache of investing heavily in costly business accounting software and handling unreliable employees. This will save you on a high amount of cash.

5. Track your finances

Businesses are finding it difficult to keep in touch with their creditors and debtors, keep track of their financial data and reports and check their invoices and some other books of accounts. With cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping, you’ll be able to access your financial reports manage your time, and avoid several of other financial obstacles.

6. It’s safer

Businesses are realizing that cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping is a safer way of storing the financial data of their company. However, it is essential to entail the use of the service provider whose major focus is on the security of your data.

Cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping have advanced features which enable Companies keep tabs on their staff and also pay them. It also has customized features, allowing you make your day-to-day entries to your files and have them tied properly in an excellent package and make your bookkeeping smart, quicker and easier.

Cloud-based bookkeeping, administrative support services, and accounting is the smart, easier, efficient, and better way of managing the finances of your company.


Call Tracking, VOIP and the End of Landline

Although VOIP has many great qualities, most people focus on their call flexibility and reduced costs. Businesses that use VOIP enjoy a reduction of over 30% in call cost besides other features that they couldn’t get from traditional phones. In addition, there are several other features and options that really make VOIP an attractive offer for businesses especially for those who want access logging, call routing and dialing features.

VIOP and the End of Landline

Currently one of the biggest advantages of VOIP is the cost. As compared to POTS, most domestic calls are free or less expensive. Although international calls are also not costly, in some instances they are also free. A VOIP phone number or a virtual number is not connected to any landline network even though it appears to be connected. This means if you are from another country you could easily make calls at your local rates instead of the higher international rates that apply to those who use landlines. This is because your number appears at the local range even though it’s not.

Also, these phones are versatile and flexible such that the numbers can be assigned to ring in any device such as a home phone, landline phone, or even cell phone. You can also give multiple phones to ring on a single phone. In fact, getting a VOIP is almost a hassle free making it one of the best phones. As long as you have a computer and internet connection there are many providers who are always readily available. You only need to download the software and within a short time you can start calling without any problems

New advancements in telephony technology has made call tracking easier and more effective for business marketing solutions.
New advancements in telephony technology has made call tracking easier and more effective for business marketing solutions.

Call Tracking and Lead Generation for Business

VOIP has opened up a whole sector of new business called Call Tracking.  For businesses that are looking to generate leads or monitor the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, call tracking can provide analytical data as well as versatility with your inbound lead generation efforts.  Software companies such as Boberdoo have been coming out with a specialized lead distribution and call tracking solution that takes advantage of these new advancements of technology.

VOIP as a tracking system

This is basically one of the most interesting features about VOIP. The tracking system is sometimes called track me, follow me, find me, or advanced forwarding. This means it allows you to move with the number wherever you go to. Whether it’s a convention center, office or a home phone, you can always move with the number. Due to this feature, you can always track where your employees are at any given time. It outlines the rules to locations where the handset should not ring.

The VOIP software actually comes with great tracking features especially for businesses who want to analyze a particular marketing campaign. This means it’s the most convenient way to do this without involving a third party. Configuring, adding or removing phone numbers does not cost a lot or pose any problem when it comes to these phones. In fact, after the business campaign you may stop using the number.

To make calls using VOIP you need to have

· Software from the provider.

· A high speed broadband internet connection, cable satellite or anything as long as it’s not a dial up.

· A modem.

· An adaptor for a regular phone or a computer having a microphone.

In most instances, VOIP calls, whether made by VOIP number or regular phone can be received through the computer or directed to a regular phone. Although there are some set VOIP numbers for consumers most of the numbers are usually meant for businesses


Sandisk launches 32GB flash hard drive


The brand Sandik taking advantage of the drop in the cost of flash memory has launched the first hard disk 32GB solid, which will be mainly used in portable systems requiring work in extreme conditions. This product launches new possibilities for the world of modding, much more profitable to modify our boxes space.

The use of solid state drives based on flash memory at the expense of traditional systems involves several advantages. These projects include increased reading speed, the absence of noise -at lack Moviles elements, lower power consumption and, above all, greater reliability in adverse environmental conditions.

These features make them the most suitable units for portable devices of all kinds. However, their prices -even elevados- and lower recording speed remain a major obstacle to its dissemination.

Specifically, the unit presented today promises to achieve a sustained read rate of 62 MB per second and a random read rate of 7,000 inputs-outputs per second for a transfer of 512 bytes, which assures SanDisk- is a hundred times more faster than most current hard drives.

Regarding reliability, solid state drive SanDisk promises a MTBF of two million hours, that is, more than 220 years. The unit also boasts consume less than half of electricity than other systems.

The new solid-state drive from SanDisk, developed by recently acquired msystems, will be officially presented in Las Vegas next January 7, during the eve of the opening of CES.


Modding + Macbook = Modbook


In this life, everything can change, and Apple was not going to run out of modding.

In this case professional and marketable level Axiotron hand. This is a modification of the Macbook 13 “, a tablet pc, fully functional.
It is a solution made from hardware changes, among other things remove the display and original keyboard and replaced with a widescreen touchscreen Wacom and keeps the other components such as the iSight camera, CD / DVD combo, processor, memory and original hard drive. To give added value and make it more attractive to the market Axiotron adds a GPS developped by GlobalSat Technologies Corporation.

If you want Apple design and modding in one, this is your tablet pc modding 🙂

Very nice and very expensive …. $2300, but beautiful, do not you think?

Ati Quad Crossfire

Shapire has prepared these targetas with internal Crossfire (2 GPU’s) that would come to fight in the market with nVidia 7950 GX2.


Little or nothing is known of them yet, just take heatpipes sink and a fan, and also need 2 doses of energy to operate. In the second image you can see the entrance being passed 3DMark, but we do not know the results yet.  This one helped me find where to buy last minute broadway tickets real quick. We do not know if you can connect with another dual Blast, although Crossfire theory tells us that if this technology is scalable to 128 chips Raedon.


The expected Apple iPhone

All rumors pointed that the MacWorld 2007 would be presented the iPhone, and it has.

I stopped explanations, and move on to the photos and characteristics



Display: 3.5 “Multitouch
Resolution 320 × 430
Operating System: Mac OS X
Capacity: 4 or 8Gb
GSM: Quadband
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11b / g) + EDGE + Bluetooth 2.0
Camera: 2.0 Mpx
Battery: 5hrs talk time / 16 playback
Dimensions: 115 x 61 x 11.6mm
Weighs 135 gr

Control for Windows Vista Media Center

 Strong hold for Windows Vista MC with color screen and everything.


Its characteristics are impressive: it connects via Bluetooth or IRDA to 100m, LCD QVGA 2.5 “able to see information PC although this off thanks to the SideShow technology, and can handle all the system inoperable by. It also has a keypad that slides under the command of the purest style mobile phone.

The price? You do not think that’s cheap, it is said that from $ 199 and goes on sale in April.