Logitech Harmony 885 Universal Remote Control


At todomodding.com we’ve analyzed the Logitech Harmony 885, a universal remote control that can control up to 15 devices.
A good design and configurability that is close to 100% are some of the attributes that Logitech has given his product.

Manufacturer: Logitech
Model: Harmony 885
Distributor: Logitech
Price: 145 approx.

Information Manufacturer: Logitech, founded in 1981 is one of the companies leader in its sector, not only dedicated to manufacture and market the most innovative keyboards and mice, but also dedicated to many other peripherals such as joysticks, joypads, steering wheels, webcams, and now reaches our hands a configurable remote control for all our appliances such as TV, DVD player, hi-music, etc.
Product Overview

If estis tired of looking for remote controls throughout the house, or you accumulate in your hands when you see a movie DVD (put the appropriate channel of the television, the men handle the film , adjust the volume of equipment 5.1), this remote control is a possible solucina your problems and you try to make life a little more dresser.



Infrared + learning Go
8 buttons (Activity 1-touch)
Color LCD display and illuminated keys
Battery Charger based LiOn
Control devices 15
teletext buttons
Customizing buttons
Granta 2 years
Dimensions: 20.3×5.8×3.3 cm.
System Requirements: Windows 98/2000 / ME / XP or MacOSX + / USB / CD-ROM / Internet Access

First impressions

As we can see when you open the blister have several elements:

-The command
-The Base / charger
-The Plug / AC transformer.
-The Battery.
-The USB cable.
-Folleto With other Logitech products.

Although at first glance looks somewhat clunky command, we can see that is not heavy and is very ergonomic.

The plastic with which it is manufactured is hard and of good quality. The feel of the buttons is pretty good, it does not seem that wear out or deteriorate with time or use.

The base is simple and elegant, with a blue illumination to find where to place the command in the dark. If you look at the rear view of the base, we have two guides pequeas to retract the AC cable from the front or rear, as can better hide the cable.


The Harmony Remote 885 has many buttons, most of which are configurable for all our devices and appliances. All buttons estn marked with a color or with a text making easy the identification of the function default or user-configured function.

The user can define functions for devices to control on the screen. For each of the 15 programmed devices have screens with 8 programmable features screen; buttons around the display serve to activate these functions. In this way we ensure that many functions always have our device can control them all.

The Device button leads to the display device of choice, with two simple clicks we have in our hands the TV remote to have the DVD, TDT, the audio chain, etc.

The lighting of the Harmony 885 is very good, soft blue, allows us to operate with him in complete darkness. The remote has a tilt sensor that turns on the illumination of the buttons and LCD when you hold and goes out after a few seconds; Thanks to this method we get a considerable saving of energy contributing to preserve autonomy.

A big plus in terms of customizing the LCD is that we have available many icons to add to our scheduled devices, we can even use our own images and icons.

One of the most innovative features is the ability to program sequences of functions for different devices, these functions are executed at the touch of a button; for example, assign a function name Watch DVD and program it, when we press the button automatically har command the following: Turn on the television, put the AV channel, volume down the maximum, turn on the DVD, play the disc, turn the amplifier set the Dolby Prologic and adjust the volume. Of course, the downside of this is that all devices must be located in the same area because the command does not have bidirectionality and if an action is lost will not repeat again.

The base to place the command is somewhat large, but has a subtle and elegant design at its center has an illuminated circle in blue lights when not command, making it easy your localizaciny the placement Harmony 885. a small core problem is that sometimes the command is not fully adapted to it first and we must make sure that this well-placed or if not, it will not recharge the battery.

Software distributed with the product is a program that requires Internet access, particularly to the databases of Logitech. From this program we can configure our command by choosing among the myriad devices that offer us in the databases, all known brands appear, the rarest marks also appear, even if your device does not appear Podis and ask to join in a short time so aadirna list.

If tennis other devices than TVs, DVDs, amplifiers, and work with infrared, is no problem with the Harmony also podris handle; blinds up and down the house, put the air conditioning down the projector screen, etc. There are other top models of the same house with infrared technology while RF (radio frequency) device ningn safe as that escapes your control.


Controls up to 15 devices at once
Countless brands
Learning and mapping
Charger and long autonomy


required Internet
Improvable charging base
Only suitable for advanced users


Design: 4
Features: 5
Help and Support: 4.5
Price: 2.5


After this analysis, we can say, generally, that the Harmony885 is a great remote. Currently one of the bad factors is the price, somewhat high for many pockets.

A great design and accessibility make this a very cmodo control element and almost essential, because the number of remote controls that we accumulate in our homes. I not recommend too much to people who do not unfold well with technology and do not have a good intuition-media, because they will spend more time trying to decipher the functions of command to get up and catch the original.