Logitech Mediaplay Review


At Todomodding.com we are analyzing the new Logitech Mediaplay. A wireless optical mouse with a very attractive design, which in turn is multimedia remote. Another gem of this firm that will not leave indifferent to its owner.

Manufacturer: Logitech
Model: MediaPlay Cordless Mouse
Distributor: Logitech®
Price: 48 Euros Approx.

Manufacturer Information: Founded in 1981, Logitech designs, manufactures and markets personal peripherals that enable people work, play and communicate effectively in the digital world. Mice, keyboards, webcams, steering wheels, joysticks and a host of accessories that have made Logitech has always been a reference point. Its design and quality are reflected in this long saga of high quality peripherals, with the MediaPlay, she has reached its apex.

Product Overview

The MediaPlay is not about a simple mouse hides within it the potential for multimedia control.
Besides the typical features of an optical mouse, MediaPlay can be used as a remote control to navigate the menu of a DVD lying on the sofa, or move songs while you marks a dance in front of the PC without having to break rhythm.

Requires IBM or compatible PC with Windows 98, 2000, Me or XP
Cordless a range 3m
optical engine
tilt wheel to navigate through menus and zoom button

First impressions

The MediaPlay comes with a nice blister plastic and cardboard as has become usual for the Logitech® house in which you can almost feel the mouse. As is the case weighs 475 grams purchases.

At first glance, the package is already very appetizing, but not open it until we begin to see the amount of things that were hidden in the bedroom of the box.
* Logitech® Cordless Mouse MediaPlay
* Wireless Minireceptor
* USB Desktop Cradle
* CD with software SetPoint®
* Installation guide
* USB to PS / 2
* Two AA batteries
* 3-year warranty
* Phone Support



The MediaPlay naked eye is very attractive, has a simpler line that is not their predecessors of the MX series to not be as ergonomic. The blue line surrounding the mouse is rubberized grip and facilitates their hand when taking it up as a control. There is another version with the red line.
The MediaPlay itself is a little smaller than his brothers MX 500, 700, 900 and 1000. It measures 12.8 cm. long, 6.3 cm. by the widest part, 4.1 cm. tall and weighs 146 grams with batteries installed.

A bird’s eye view and ignoring the layout of the buttons the MediaPlay is symmetrical about its vertical axis, which makes it easier to take for multimedia use (both left-handed and right-handed). When used as a mouse lefties can find nothing pleasant surprise to see that the buttons forward and backward to surf the Internet are on the left side and therefore have enough difficulty accessing them, until accustomed to tighten with the little finger.

Seen below the MediaPlay offers the option to turn off the mouse so you do not consume the batteries it carries. This is an advantage, because unlike some of its predecessors, the MediaPlay not carry charger; Which eventually you can throw at fault. Anyway Logitech ensures that the mouse can last several months with a single set of batteries. There is also a reset button for when the connection to the minireceptor is lost, to restore it again.

The optical engine has a precision of 800 dpi (dots per inch), it does not emit the typical light red optical mice but uses an invisible wavelength for more accurate for mouse human eye and consumption lower stack.
A part of the base is having a pair of grooves to facilitate grasping the MediaPlay when used as command, so that together with the blue gum is another safety standard to prevent the mouse to slip away from the hands.

The MediaPlay as we have said holds 2 functions, the mouse and multimedia control. For each of these functions, the buttons have a different actions.

As mouse MediaPlay has the typical right (2) and left (1), in addition to those already being classics in the latest models of this house as are the forward button (3) and back (4) located on the left side thereof.

Clicking on the thumbwheel (5) zoom on the screen is done. Furthermore the wheel has a second horizontal axis of the classic vertical, to facilitate movement with very large screens outside the limits thereof. All these buttons can be reprogrammed. Including Media (6), which by default enables the


As remote the MediaPlay is like a multimedia command, from which you can raise (or lower (9) the volume, move (10) or backward (11) the song or chapter of the DVD you’re watching and browsing menus that appear through the wheel with the 2 vertical and horizontal axes that allow you to move up / down and right / left. the Play / Pause button (7), lets you stop and continue with what you were doing. the Media button allows access the menu of the DVD you’re watching. the click of the mouse wheel functions as the OK. this permits you to navigate perfectly for any multimedia presentation from your own mouse as a remote control, without him having to support on any surface, just push the button taking the mouse as a remote control and works.

All multimedia buttons light blue, so it is easy for the user to find dark button that performs the desired action. The light goes out after a few seconds to save the most battery.

As the Mediaplay has no wires, it comes with a wireless receiver to connect to the pc within 3 meters. Also, if your box is located under the table and interferes with the signal, Logitech has included a USB extender so you can have the receiver above the table in the corner.

nice design
No wires disturbed by the table
It has a button to turn on and turn off the mouse
Many programmable buttons
tilt wheel and zoom


No basis
Use batteries


PRICE: 3.5


The mouse is a good MediaPlay, precise, handy and easy to use. Its 11 buttons make it a versatile mouse, alongside practical. The fact that at the same time is a multimedia command does nothing but remind us that this product has been designed by one of the most prestigious companies in the sector, and invites us to dream products to design in the future, hopefully not far away. Until that day, the MediaPlay is today one of the best options when renewing your mouse.