Woxter HI-FI Cube 1500 XDiv


This time we at Todomodding.com are analyzing the micro hi-fi Cube XDIV 1500, a multimedia all in one solution to the Woxter house has accustomed us.

Manufacturer: Woxter
Model: HI-FI Cube 1500 XDIV
Distributor: Disco Plus Multimedia
Price: 130 €

Manufacturer information: The Woxer house began some years ago to distribute small peripherals and accessories such as bags porta cd’s. Gradually it has been making its way into the market by creating new related to the world of computing and new technology products.
Product Overview

HI-FI Cube 1500 is not only a micro string in which playing our albums and listen to the radio, it is both a DVD’s, MP3, Divx and many other formats.

Plays DVD – Video Divx / MPEG4, Video CD, SVCD, Audio CD, HDCD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, JPEG and Kodak Picture CD.
Dual laser correction automatic reading.
Connections: Stereo output, optical digital audio output and coaxial output composite video, S-Video, Component Video, Scart, headphone output and auxiliary audio input L / R.
Dimensions: Amplifier: 300 x 176 x 168 mm (4.2 Kgs); Speakers: 220 x 125 x 205 mm (2.2 Kgs).
PAL / NTSC; Parental control and automatic screen saver.
Audio output: 2 x 20 W speakers: 40 W (RMS, THD 10%, 4 ohm, 1 kHz).
Dolby Digital, DTS and LPCM.
FM / AM Radio, stores 20 FM radio stations and AM respectively

First impressions

At first glance the HI-FI Cube has a compact appearance, it may be poor sight and lacking in features, but gradually we discover that it is not. The front design consists of: aluminum and methacrylate, combining the silver and black colors.

The speaker box is wooden, with silvery white front-felt. All together has been reduced in size and compact appearance.


The device has a button (Function) to change the different modes that are offered (Radio – Aux – Disc).

The radio features FM and AM mode sequential search or with 20 presets that can save ourselves.

With the “Assistant” mode we can use our HI-FI Cube as an amplifier for other devices. The connection is made through the rear panel using RCA connectors.

Upon entering “Disc” mode, the reader seeks the means we have inserted to see if you recognize the format. We can use data DVDs or video CDs or audio data, and can play DVD Video, Audio CD, MP3, DivX, VCD, SVCD, Jpeg.
Noting the front we see that has two large wheels considerably, these serve respectively to change the radio chain and to increase or decrease the volume.

There is a front output for headphones and microphone input (Very useful to use DVD’s Karaoke).

The lighting is good, blue, with enough light we see clearly illuminated the two main wheels and the button “Standby”. This lighting gives a striking feature in dim light or total darkness. It misses an option to turn off the light, because it is too intense and seeing a movie can be distracted by location.

At the back we can see a good number of inputs / outputs for connecting different devices, including strikes us an optical output “spdif” to which we can connect a 5.1 sound system. We also available different video outputs: Component Video, RCA, SuperVideo and Scart (Scart) Video.
The remote control Woxter HI-FI Cube is very functional, we can execute all options, both general as DVD menus without having to approach the amplifier. Turning off the light we can see that the buttons acquire a green phosphorescent tone making it easy location in complete darkness.

The display shows all the information we need in any of the ways we are. When the chain is in “standby” mode it shows the time. One of the few drawbacks of this equipment is that the display is too simple when compared to the rest of the design and other current devices.

The speakers are small but give a good sound quality and good power. We will serve you well to fill a medium quality sound room. For a larger room if we raise the volume too distorted sound. We can buy more powerful speakers if they fall short, but the truth is that not disappointed in any way, indeed, do their job very well giving great value / power.


small size
Good sound quality
Compatible with multiple formats
nice design


poor display
No option to remove lighting
Few wires subministrados


Design: 4
Price: 3.5
Sound: 3.5
Functions: 5


The 1500 Cube Hi-Fi equipment is very versatile addition to small and maneuverable compact. Fits anywhere next to the TV lounge, next to the PC in the room, etc.

Its strong point is certainly its value / price, at an affordable price can have a device “All-in-one” that can be used in any situation, movies on DVD or Divx, music CD Audio or MP3 … Insurance that you find a corner at home where it could be.